[Palavra Chave] Damn it

Solicitado por Roberta Quintilhano Fiamenghi

[Palavra Chave] Damn it

Damn it! I don’t understand. What do you really want from me? What I’ve to say? I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doin’ here. I can’t say. I’m truly… I hate all of this. I prefer to… I have to… But, what? What the point? You pick the knife and cut me in two. You left me for dead again. Again! I’m fallin’. I don’t understand. Not make sense. At all. My desire is… Ok. I will tell you a little history. Once a upon a time, a dude who wants to live forever. This dude don’t give a damn about the others think about him. So, eventually this dude find his demise, and die. Oh, he dies, said the others. And said to their children. And the children to the children. And the dude live forever. End.
No! Damn it! No way!
You came to us. You came and kill us. You hate us all. You said tha we’re thugs, thieves, murderers. You break our life and our soul, everyday. You try to destroy our ancestors, you kill our youths in the streets. You hate us. But, despite all this, we are alive. ‘Cause we are strong.
We all are heroes with an african face. We’ll not surrender. Never. We’re strong. We’ll stand and fight.
Your love is big enough? Your love is big enough to stand with us?
We are the queen and the kings of the earth. Our ancestors are the godess and the gods of the universe.
I will continue to oppose this life that is imposed on me as I have fangs into my heart.
Damn it. Damn it all of you! Except my sisters and brothers. We’ll fight. Together.

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